IP SAN/NAS Storage AS300N

Brief Introduction

Network storage, IP SAN and NAS storage Constantly adjusting the business needs, the rapid growth of branches

, centralized and multi-user date management, the complicity of enterprise information construction is changing each day. How to build an integrated storage structure which is flexible, intelligent, information sharing, stable and reliable is becoming the goal of each enterprise’s CIO. AS300N offers the best cost-effective choice for enterprise decision makers. AS300N is a network storage product which is independently developed by Inspur, according to user needs. It has the IP SAN, NAS capabilities, and integration of FC SAN networks, to provide users with a unified network storage solution, powerful, intelligent management system to assist users by changing the complex into the simple.

Functional Features

  • It provides unified IP SAN, NAS features, integration of FC SAN, to help users flexibly deploy system architecture: IP SAN is a high-speed Ethernet-based SAN architecture, which is compatible with Exchange, Notes, SQL  Server and other database applications.
  • Comprehensive and reliable data protection improves the disaster recovery capability easily: AS300N provides data Snapshot Copy function under the iSCSI configuration. It is easy to access the online    data  backup, testing and analysis, data warehousing. It effectively enhances disaster recovery capabilities.
  • System outstanding performance improves the overall capacity and reliability: AS300N supports SAS, SATA two different types of HDDs with different capacity mixed plug in, for the user to save unnecessary system upgrade costs. System supports SAS JBOD expansion, up to 24 HDDs, in order to meet the high speed increase of enter prises’ data.
  • Powerful and redundant hardware architecture to ensure safe data running: Systems RAID and data RAID are separated and with dedicated storage operating system, it ensures the system performance and reliability while the mass data accessing. Support hot-swap disks, in order to prevent user from errors. Support disk roaming, to avoid the data loss caused by error in plugging and swap disks.
  • Usability, manageability, help the administrator to easily complete all the configuration tasks: AS300N adopts visual management. In the GUI management interface, the disk can be seen and managed, including configuration operation and status monitoring of the disk and RAID groups.

Technical Specification

Chassis specification



1 storage dedicated processor, up to 2


Standard 4GB, up to 24GB

Host interface

Standard 2 interfaces of 1Gb Ethernet, up to 6

Drive interface

12 interfaces of 3Gb SAS

Drives supported


Maximum drives supported

Up to 24 HDDs (1 JBOD)

RAID levels

0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60

Power supply

1+1 redundant power supply

OS supported

NAS client: Windows, Linux, Solaris, IBM AIX

iSCSI client: Windows, Linux, IBM AIX

Operating temperature

10- 35oC

AC input

100 - 240V


440 mm (W)  88 mm (H)  650 mm (D)




AC input

100-240V 50/60Hz


178mm(H)     437mm(W)     660mm(D)

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