IP SAN/NAS Storage AS500G

Brief Introduction

Dual-controller IP SAN storage Dual-controller IP SAN storage system with indigenous innovation, high performance and reliability.

With the increasing data storage capacity, expensive storage devices cost become the important IT expenditure. However, IP SAN network storage products obtain more and more users’ favor with the advantages of high performance, high reliability, large capacity, low cost and easy operation. AS500G is a dual-controller IP SAN storage product independently developed by Inspur and Inspur has its proprietary intellectual property rights. This product integrates the storage technology advantages, innovative structure design of currently prevailing IP SAN to satisfy the data storage demands of the main users. It is an IP SAN network storage product of high performance, rich functions and high reliability. It is the good choice for unified storage and centralized management of users’ data.

Functional Features

  • Fully independent research and development: IP SAN storage product with proprietary intellectual property rights.
  • Excellent Architecture: standard 19? industrial rack (3U); 2 hot-swap power supplies; 12 fans.
  • High performance: redundant (hot-swap), each controller is configured with 1 dedicated storage processor, up to 2 processors. Single system supports up to 4 dedicated storage processors; provides 4 host interfaces, support integration, and do not limit the number of hosts connected; at least provides high speed cache 4 GB/controller, the system largest high speed cache is 48 GB, support high speed cache protection function.
  • Flexible RAID level: support RAID1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60.
  • Good compatibility: hardware needs to pass the prevailing server manufacturers’ compatibility test; support windows/Linux operation system; support online dynamic RAID set expansion and dynamic logical volume expansion.
  • Easy management mode: support CLI/WEB management mode; support mail alarm mechanism, let the administrator monitor the device running status.

 Technical Specifications

Chassis specification



1 controller, up to 2


Standard 4GB, up to 48GB

Host interface

Standard 2 interfaces of 1Gb iSCSI per controller, up to 8

Drive interface

16 interfaces of 3Gb SAS

Drives supported


Maximum drives supported

Up to 16 HDDs

RAID levels

0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60

Power supply

1+1 redundant power supply

OS supported

Windows Server 2003/2008, Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.5/5.2

Advanced features

Path redundancy, Online dynamic RAID set expansion, Online dynamic logical volume expansion

Operating temperature


AC input

100 - 240V


437 mm (W)  132 mm (H)  648 mm (D)

AC input

100-240V 50/60Hz


178mm(H)     437mm(W)     660mm(D)

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