FC SAN Storage AS400G2

Brief Introduction

Active almighty FC SAN storage system Active almighty FC SAN storage system with high cost performance.

Based on Inspur flexible design of storage system, Inspur AS400G2 adopts the most popular 8Gb FC technology and SAS technology, which makes up for the vacancies of performance and price between high-end FC disk arrays and low-end SAS disk arrays, achieving a perfect combination between performance and price. AS400G2 provides two types of working manners, single control and dual control, and offers an expandable frame of single-and-dual-IO module, so that the users of different needs are provided with wide range levels of solutions. The single/dual controller architecture of AS400G2 provides high performance but also improve data security. It provides all-round services and guarantee for the data security and rapid data expansion of enterprises.

Functional Features

Outstanding features

  • Single and dual control Raid, IO mode.
  • Advanced Raid6 function, improving safety of data storage.
  • Support SAS?SATAII HDDs mixed plugging at the same array.
  • Intelligent fan cooling configuration to achieve power consumption reduction, energy conservation, noise reduction, and environmental protection.
  • Support GUI, Telnet of CLI management mode based on the Web, serial interface administrator setting function.
  • Snapshot, volume copy, path redundancy software.

Basic functions

  • The adoption of cable-free design of controller, power supply and fans increases the reliability, manageability and maintainability of the system.
  • Support Raid0, 1(0+1), 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60 and other rich protection functions of the Raid data.
  • Support the hot spare function of local and overall disks.
  • Realized real time monitor of system I/O, power supply, fan, HDD, ambient temperature.
  • Support complete Raid function, Raid online expansion, automatic rebuilt, and background initialization, etc.
  • Support BBU back-up power supply and BBU+Flash cache power-off protection.
  • Support 8GB cache to the maximum.
  • Support Raid Stripe Size with different sizes, and support the Raid virtualization technology.
  • AS Manager Management software support remote management operation.

Technical Specifications

Chassis specification



Dual active, hot-swap controllers


8GB with BBU

Host interface

8 interfaces of 8Gb FC

Drive interface

12 interfaces of 3Gb SAS

Drives supported


Maximum drives supported

Up to 84 HDDs (6 JBOD)

RAID levels

0, 1(0+1), 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60

Power supply

1+1 redundant power supply

OS supported

Windows, Linux

Advanced features

Hard disk online spare;

RAID online expansion;

Hard disk breakdown automatic detection;

RAID automatic/backstage rebuilding;

Support snapshot and local volume duplication

Operating temperature


AC input



445mm(W) 88mm(H) 580mm(D)

AC input

100-240V 50/60Hz


178mm(H)     437mm(W)     660mm(D)


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