Virtual Tape Library VTL1000

Brief Introduction

Disk-based backup device with high speed How to improve the speed of data backup and recovery process?

How to reduce the workload of data recovery? How to enhance the security of backup equipment? How to maximize return from investment based on dataprotection? It has been so long that IT managers from either small and medium-sized enterprises or largeenterprises are actively seeking ways to solve theproblem. Inspur VTL1000 virtual tape library, aiming at backup and recovery environment, rested on the effective professional competence, makes people see the leap in data protection technology.

Functional Features

High performance

  • It realizes multi-tape library simulation, allows multi-channel data stream to back up, and achieves a high- end backup capacity.
  • It increases backup performance, and reduces backup windows, which multiples the performances.
  • Backup rate transcends tape drive rate, closing to the speed of backup channel.
  • Support FC or iSCSI/IP protocol, data transfer rate 4-6 times higher than traditional backup device.

High reliability

  • Protection technology of disk RAID overcomes the traditional shortcomings of frequent equipment failures and improves the overall equipment reliability.
  • It eliminates potential risks, such as potential safety hazards, virus immunity, and the wrong delete, etc.

High level security

  • Internal encryption services ensure the security of tape.

Ease of use

  • The graphical interface with easy management and operation.
  • Modular design gets easy maintenance, avoiding cumbersome equipment maintenance physical library.

Low cost of total ownership

  • The optimization of backup strategy increases the utilization of overall space.
  • The capacity grows on demand, and reduces initial investment.

The primary functions of Inspur VTL1000

  • Multi-tape equipment simulation that greatly optimizes backup performance: A single Inspur VTL1000 virtual tape library can maximum simulate 128 library systems, 1024 tape drives, and 65535 slots, as well as concurrent process multiple backup tasks and improve backup efficiency.
  • The realization of the physical tape for archiving that meets the needs of tape out of library: Inspur VTL1000 virtual tape library easily achieves data archive and copy between the virtual tape and the physical tape, and ensures that the format of backup data from physical tape is fully consistent with data from virtual tape.
  • Support remote replication of tape system and achieve remote data disaster recovery: Inspur VTL1000 virtual tape library includes copy software that achieves to completely copy tape data from local VTL to a remote disaster recovery center, forming long-distance electron transfer and tape keeping.
  • Tape library caching that enhances the performance of disk backup: Inspur VTL1000 virtual tape library includes automatic tape caching, which easily achieves the connection with large-scale physical tape library, and shoulders the high-speed cache of tape library backup. The two libraries are combined together to frame a high-performance tape library backup system.
  • A wide range of system compatibility: Simulate a wide range of formats of mainstream tape libraries and tape drives: Support mainstream backup software, including EMC/Legato NetWorker, Veritas BackupExec/ NetBackup, BakBone NetVault, CommVault Galaxy and so on. Support multiple OS, including: windows 2000/2003, Linux(RedHat, SuSE, Turbo Linux etc.) AIX, HP-UX, Irix, Solaris, Tru64UNIX and so on.

Applications solution for VTL1000 virtual tape library

Case features:
  • Seamless integration in the current structure of basic design.
  • Aiming at low-speed SAN server to improve the overall performance of backup.
  • Improving the recovery time of a single file.
Feature of scheme
  • Inspur VTL1000 virtual tape library supports remote data replication. The local backup data can be copied to remote virtual tape library of Inspur VTL1000 via IP network. The network structure and its connection modes are very flexible, and replication is unlimited by distance. Moreover, the copy operation in the two virtual tape libraries is finished in the background by the virtual tape. This brings about obvious advantages:
    • The processor of copy will not take up the cost of backup server.
    • Do not need to buy two sets of copy management software.
Case feature?
  •  Inspur VTL1000 virtual tape library can simplify data backup in the remote office. For remote office data backup it is a low-cost and effective solution. It backs up data scattered in areas to the data center, enjoying data protection of enterprise-level.

Technical Specifications

Transmission performance

1000MB/s backup/recovery

HDD medium

SATA/SAS HDD of enterprise level; support HDD RAID protection technology

Number of host interfaces

4 FC interfaces (LC) of 8Gb/s; 6 interfaces of 1Gb/s iSCSI

Backup server

No limit for the number of connection of backup servers

Mail alert


Archiving device


Data encryption


Automatic tape caching


Repetition data deleting


NDMP backup


Two-way replication

Optional, support compression and encryption

Hardware compressing


Multiple tape copy output


Tape integration


Hosted backup


Tape library simulation

StorageTek series tape library, ADIC series tape library, IBM series tape library, QUANTUM series tape library, HP series tape library

Slot simulation Simulate 65535 tape bays
Drive simulation LTO Ultrium, Quantum SuperDLT, Seagate Ultrium
OS supported Windows 2003, Linux(RedHat, SuSE, Turbo Linux, etc.), AIX, HP-UX, Irix, Solaris, Tru64UNIX
Backup software supported EMC/Legato NetWorker, CA BrightStor/ARCserve, Veritas BackupExec/NetBackup, BakBone NetVault, CommVault Galaxy
Redundant accessories 800W redundant power supply and fan module design ensure the reliability of equipment running.
Appearance specification 3U standard cabinet  Basic unit

Working states:5?-40?;

Non-working states:-40?-70?

Working state: 20%-80%(non-condensing);

Non-working state: 5%-90%(non-condensing)
Voltage 100-240V AC

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