Virtual Tape Library AS1000N

Brief Introduction
Storage realizes IP SAN, NAS and VTL Responding to the condition that machine room space is increasingly tight and

energy saving becomes more and more important, Inspur launches AS1000N, the advanced network storage system with functions of NAS, IP SAN and VTL. This storage system has high storage density, enables to save machine room space to the maximum, lowers power consumption in unit volume and provides all the functions of network storage system.
Functional Features

Support NAS function

  • Support the visit of different OS platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and so on.
  • Support file sharing of multiple hosts.
  • Distribute independent sharing network folders for different users to be used for centralized document storage, backup and management.
  • Support NASA gateway to expand all connections of heterogeneous storages.

Support IP SAN function

  • Support 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection on the basis of SAN architecture of high speed Ethernet.
  • Support network port’s integration to provide bandwidth of 1000MB/s.
  • The design of this storage architecture optimizes all levels of data path to fit for application of commonly used database, especially for big data contexts of videos and pictures, etc.
  • Support snapshot function and realizes online access data’s backup, testing and data warehouse analysis to provide technological foundations for disaster recovery.

Support all functions of Inspur VTL products

  • AS1000N single machine provides up to 96TB of backup capacity and its high single machine capacity and expansion can satisfy the data protection needs of medium data center for high capacity backup devices.
  • Support iSCSI and FC host connection.
  • Enable to simulate multiple tape library and drive of different types.
  • Support the backup software of EMC Legato NetWorker, Symantec BackupExec/NetBackup, BakeBone NetVault, CommVault Galary, etc.
  • Support OS of Windows2000/2003, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, etc.
  • Support automatic tape caching, tape encryption, remote data replication, disaster recovery, etc.

Powerful and redundant hardware architecture to ensure worry-free data running

  • 64bit dedicated storage processor ensures system’s performance and reliability of mass data access.
  • Provide function of disk sequence power-up when started, to prevent the power and system failure caused by the situation where all disks are powered up simultaneously, and also prevent from disabling to start the machine because of deficit power.
  • Support hot-swap disks to make the user confirm whether there are useful data in the disk when it is inserted, and the disk will be scanned after the confirmation.
  • The main components such as power supply and fan adopt redundant architecture to ensure system’s reliable running.

Green storage and energy saving

  • Focus on space utilization rate to optimize chassis structure, and in the 5U chassis properly arrange power supply, fan, control system and hard disk slot.
  • Divide disk slot area and host system area into two parts by chassis middle panel so as to design better radiating architecture.
  • With the special air split-flow, the installed three groups of fans can radiate heat from host system, disk array and power supply module respectively, and limit each component’s power consumption to the minimum so as to make total consumption to the least.
  • The choice of components with low consumption can optimize the selection of CPU, chipset, fan and radiating fin.
  • In 5U space, capacity and power are combined effectively to reach optimized energy efficiency.

Technical Specifications

System software supported

Independent RAID disk to install VTL system software


Standard 1 dedicated storage processor

High speed cache

Standard 8GB, expand to 32GB

Single node capacity

0TB~480TB, increase system capacity through the expansion of disk array

Number of host interfaces

Standard 2 Gigabit network interfaces, expand to 10


RAID0, 1,5, 6, 10, 50, 60

Tape library simulation

SUN StorageTek Series tape library, ADIC series tape library, IBM series tape library, QUANTUM Series tape library, HP series tape library

Drive simulation

LTO Ultrium, Quantum SuperDLT, Seagate Ultrium, Sony AIT, etc.

Functions supported

Automatic tape caching, tape encryption, two-way replication, FC connection, etc.

Slot simulation

Simulate 65535 tape slots

OS supported

Windows 2000/2003, Linux(RedHat, SuSE, Turbo Linux, etc.), AIX, HP-UX, Irix, Solaris, Tru64UNIX

Backup software supported

EMC NetWorker, CA BrightStor /ARCserve, Symantec BackupExec/NetBackup, BakBone NetVault, CommVault Galaxy


Graphical management software

Power supply and fan

Redundant power supply and fan module design to ensure the reliability of devices’ running 

Physical dimensions

222mm(H)    482.6mm(W)    872mm(D)


Bare machine weight: 47.6kg

                          Full weight with disks(without packaging): 86kg

Temperature -10°C-35°C
Humidity 8%~90%(non-condensing)
Power supply 100~240V AC 50/60Hz

AS1000N: IP SAN&NAS Configuration

Storage OS supported

Independent RAID disk to install storage OS


Standard 1 dedicated storage processor

High speed cache

Standard 8GB, expand to 32GB

Host interfaces

Standard 2 Gigabit network interfaces, expand to 10

Number of HDDs for single machine


Type of HDDs


Capacity for single machine(max)







RAID0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60

OS supported

     NAS client: Windows, Linux, Solaris, IBM AIX

iSCSI client: Windows, Linux, IBM AIX

Physical dimensions

222mm(H)    482.6mm(W)    872mm(D)

Power supply

100-240V AC 50/60Hz


Bare machine weight: 47.6kg

          Full weight with disks(without packaging): 86kg





Temperature -10°C-35°C
Humidity 8%~90%(non-condensing)
Power supply 100~240V AC 50/60Hz

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