Mass Storage AS1200

Brief Introduction

Full functional mass storage system Full functional mass storage system platform with flexibility,

high efficiency and integration. AS1200 is a mass storage system platform with independent intellectual property rights. It supports functions of NAS, IPSAN and FCSAN, integrates multilevel data protection function and perfectly solves the problems of user’s data access and business continuity. In diversity of increasingly complicated storage network architecture and application environment, AS1200 not only provides all the basic functions of network storage system, but also integrates advanced continuous data protection. With features of high reliability, high performance, and multifunction and so on, AS1200 is a product of mass storage system platform for customers to integrate complicated applications and stabilize business running.

Functional Features

Unified storage, innovative architecture

  • Support storage network architecture of IPSAN/FCSAN and NAS file sharing of heterogeneous platform, realize storage recourse’s integration and reusing, and increases user’s return on investment.
  • Support NFS/CIFS file sharing and other protocols and enable to be installed with Windows, Linux, Unix and other operating systems, which are able to coexist in the complex network environment.
  • Support host connection of iSCSI, FC and seamless access to your existing environment to satisfy customer’s differential needs of data storage system in various applications.
  • Fully support SSD/FC/SAS/SATA disks to satisfy data storage needs at different levels with flexible configurations.
  • Heterogeneous integration, centralized deployment and unified management to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Multilevel data protection

  • Support local continuous data protection. Compared with traditional data backup technology, AS1200’s continuous data protection can satisfy the PTO/RPO indicator of rigorous requirement for data recovery, accurately and quickly retrieve data which exist before the breakdown, respond to emergency incidents, and provide help for enterprises to realize production run’s continuity and recovery after a disaster.
  • Support the functions of data volume isolation mapping, data snapshots, rollback, remote volume replication (synchronous/asynchronous), remote data replication and recovery, dynamic capacity expansion of logical partition.
  • Support remote disaster recovery, combine with local continuous data protection to realize disaster recovery of data and application level, and provide total solutions of local and remote disaster recovery.

High-efficiency, environment-friendly and energy-saving

  • System adopts optimized storage components and good radiating architecture to improve the efficiency of energy consumption.
  • Support Maid disk energy-saving technology to reduce disk energy consumption as well as the expenses; support thin provisioning technology and greatly improve storage resource utilization.

Technical Specifications



Standard one controller; optional dual controllers


64-bit storage processor


0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60



Host interface 

4/8Gb FC, Gigabit network interface

Number of host interfaces 

Up to 16 FC interfaces, or 16 Gigabit network interfaces, or 8 FC interfaces plus 8 Gigabit network interfaces

HDD nodes

Drives supported


Maximum drives supported


Functions supported

Advanced data protection, data volume isolation mapping, data snapshots, rollback, thin provisioning, remote volume replication (synchronous/asynchronous), remote data replication and recovery, network encryption and digital authentication, logical partition dynamic expansion, Maid disk energy saving technology

Chassis system

Power supply module

1+1 redundant power supply

Radiation module



AC input




Non-working: -40 °C -70 °C


Working: 20%-80%(non-condensing);

Non-working: 5%-90%(non-condensing)

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