FC Switch FS5800/FS5802

Brief Introduction

8Gb stackable switch Inspur FS5800/FS5802 with low-cost, high performance and scalable design

, the device with 20 ports, supports 8/4/2 Gbps connection speed and 4 high-speed 10/20 Gbps stacking port to connect Inspur FS5800/FS5802 switch. Inspur FS5800/FS 5802 stackable 8Gb FC SAN switch is designed to reduce the cost of large enterprises, and its accompanying 10 Gbps stacking ports can always upgrade to 20 Gbps rate, extend the life of the solution, to protect existing investments. 20 device ports can be a starting point, extendable to each stack (single management unit) 120 device ports.

Functional Features

4 stack(ISL) ports of 10 Gbps/20 Gbps

Factory default includes 4 activated 10Gb stackable ports, customers can non-interrupted upgrade ISL port to 20Gb in one or more switches, maximumly reducing the cost.

20 device ports of88Gb

In 1U space add 4 ports to connect devices, each switch can be expanded to 20 device ports of 8Gb (24 ports total), and also compatible with 4Gb and 2Gb devices and optics devices

Powerful stack management

Use Enterprise Fabric Suite, users can manage the stack of 5000 Series like one device, loading microcode, safely application configuration changes, and control of users and the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) management, can reach up to six switches simultaneously management.

Fast and reliable performance

Provide non-controversial, full-duplex bandwidth, total bandwidth of 544 Gbps per switch can improve investment efficiency. Replaceable dual power options, and non-disruptive micro-code activation, ensuring unprecedented consistent user experience.

Fully compatible with other Inspur FS series switches

Compatible with FC-SW-2 switches from other factories. Realize interoperate with storage, server, application and basic architecture of other factories.

Powerful and visualized software


Built-in Java® web applet is for device detection, device management, zoning and fabric management. QuickTools

includes a configuration Wizard and advanced trailing zoning, which is a visualized configuration method.

Enterprise Fabric Suite

Enterprise Fabric Suite bundled with high-level enterprise-class features, such as Fabric tracking, performance observation, port threshold warning, stack administration and mPort ™ movable port activation, all integrated in a single site license. You will spend very little time and money to get a separate software license and free-worry about the switch cost along with your SAN growth.


Comprehensive diagnostic tool, discover and deal with the problem in your Fabric. SANdoctor including digital media diagnostic, fabric trace router and fabric ping.

Fabric Security

Provide customers with the right mix of protection and equipment safety. Includes support for RADIUS authentication, Secure Shell (SSH), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Devices connection safely uses Fibre Channel Security Protocol (FC-SP), DHCHAP, and FC-GS-4 CT.

Technical Specifications


Number of ports per switch

  • 8-20 8 Gbps ports (4 ports can be upgraded)
  • 10/20-Gbps XPAK MSA adapted to support the port (10-Gbps default values, you can upgrade to 20-Gbps)

Multi switches interconnection Fabric

  • Diversely 10/20Gb and 8Gb connection between the switch
  • Adapted Trunking, intelligent path selection
  • Any ports are general, auto-discovery, self-configuration, showing the following port states: F Port, FL port, E port, G Port, GL Port

Function features

Fabric port speed

  • 2/4/8-Gbps, 10/20-Gbps full duplex, auto-adapt to all the ports
  • Fabric latency less than 0.2 μs
  • Cut-through router

Fabric Point to Point Bandwidth

  • In the 8-Gbps ports 1700 MBps full-duplex
  • In the 20-Gbps ports 5100 MBps full-duplex

Aggregate bandwidth

  • Each switch 544-Gbps, end to end
  • Non-blocking structure

Frame size of the largest

  • 2148 bytes (2112 payload)

Buffer for each port


  • ASIC built-in memory (not shared)
  • Gurantee16 credit full performance to 13km @ 2-Gbps and 2 km @ 10-Gbps


• Compatible with the switch of FC-SW-2

-Including Brocade, Cisco, and Qlogic

• Advanced management with interoperate management

Device and environment


  • Temperature: 5? -40? (41?-104?)
  • Humidity: 5% to 90% non-condensing
  • Altitude: 0 to 10,000 feet
  • Vibration: 5-500 Hz, 0.27g, 5 sweeps


  • Temperature: -20? -70? (-4?-158?)
  • Humidity: 10% to 95% non-condensing
  • Altitude: 0 to 50,000 feet
  • Vibration: 2-200 Hz, 0.5g, 5 sweeps
  • Shock: 50g, 4216mmps, 13msec, 3 axis

Electrical parameters

  • Operating Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC; 50 to 60Hz
  • Power Load: 1A at 120VAC; 0.5A at 240VAC
  • Radiation: Up to 120W

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