Inspur 8-way server TS850

Brief Introduction

Independent developed, 8-way high-end server. Created the China myth.

  Base on "High-performance server and storage technology State Key Laboratory", Inspur successfully launched China's first self-designed 8-way server, "TS850".  Realize an independent design of 8 system layers, with seven major key features, and more than 20 RAS features, working as the strategic importance of information technology equipment and the core of cloud computing services platform, it will be widely used in banking transactions, settlement, securities pricing transactions, power dispatch, civil aviation management, supercomputing center, the Human Genome Project and other key applications, and play an important role in the social life as well as in national economic development.

Functional Features

Independent modular design reached the international advanced level

Quality comes from design, Inspur broke through the key technology of the chip, hardware, BIOS, OS and structure. Ahead of domestic manufacturers, Inspur reached the international advanced level and bloomed the charm of “China IT”.

Strong engine, high power, performance oriented

TS850 supports Intel ten-core Xeon processors based on Westmere-ET architecture, with large capacity of 30MB cache, up to 80 physical processor cores, 160 threads, bringing powerful parallel computing capacity for your application.

Physical partition, balanced resource, flexible application

Users can carry out a simple dual partitions by menu operation according to the touch LCD indicates without the demolition of the hardware board. When 8-way server virtualizes to 2 independent 4-way servers, each partition has its own independent VGA, network, HDD, PCI-E expansion slots and other interfaces. Dual partitions can achieve the HA function, each partition can be installed independently of the different operating systems and other applications. Dual partitions are totally physically separated, each of 4-way systems is powered a separate module, timing control, thereby ensuring the independence of each partition system communication.

According to different application requirements, it provides excellent scalability.

For the consideration of highly scalability, and high density, within the space of 6U, it achieves maximum scalability. The system has a maximum 64 DIMMs of DDR3 ECC memory, to support 1TB. With the memory controller which supports both hemispheric model, it brought a low-latency memory performance; the system maximum supports 18 pieces of 2.5”SAS/SATA/SSD HDDs, at the same time, it provides 9 IO PCI-E 2.0 expansion slots.

Four grade RAS feature insurance, the system reliability is 99.999%.

From the chip level, link level, module level, system-level and other aspects, it provides more than 20 RAS features. It is worth mentioning that, PCI-E*16 slots support hotswap, allowing users to complete the plug action of PCI-E card while the system is running. Avoid the system down, while maintaining.

Dynamic power supply management, environmental green energy saving

Dynamic power management technology is independently developed, carefully designed by Inspur for green energy saving products. This technology is able to control the output power of CPU power supply module as well as the server power supply, through different power supply strategies. For example, if certain period of time is not peak using time of server, it can reduce the CPU frequency by the made strategies, so that the CPU and system will reduce energy consumption. At the same time, low the output of power(PSU),so power efficiency is always maintained at the highest state.

Intelligent visual management, simplify the deploying process, reduce the operational cost

It has intelligent power management, high-resolution touch screen, excellent human-machine interface, Boot up indication, simple and convenient system settings, and convenient asset management. It also adopts nearly two hundred sensors monitoring network, real-time monitoring, collecting, analyzing data, and automatically generate processing instructions. Three types of alarm to alert the user, when the fatal fault occurs, it will Reset automatically.

Technical Specifications


6U rack-mount


Up to 8 Intel Xeon Nehalem-EX processors


64 DIMMs, DDR3 1333MHz, up to 1TB

Expansion interfaces

9 PCI-E2.0 full-height slots(3 PCI-E2.0 x16(hot-swap),6 PCI-E2.0 x8 )


18 pieces of 2.5" SAS/SATA/SSD HDDs


SAS RAID Controller with cache, support RAID1, 0, 10, 5, 50, 6, 60

External devices

1 Slim DVD, 1 piece of 5” Tape(optical)

Network controller

Integrated 2 Gigabyte high performance network interfaces, support IOAT2 advanced network speed-up function, VMDQ network virtualization, Wake-on-LAN, network redundancy, load balance and other advanced network features.

Physical partitions

2 static hardware partitions

Power Supply

Redundant high efficient power supply


I/O interfaces

Front: 2 USB ports

Back: 4 USB ports, 2 Ethernet interfaces,1 management interface,2 PS2 ports, 2 COM interfaces, 1 VGA port


Support IPMI2.0 , KVM over IP and virtual media management

With dedicate Ethernet port for management

Support Inspur Ruijie management kit

Optional LCD touch screen for management and monitor.

OS supported

Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 64bit

Redhat Linux Enterprise server5 U5 64bit

Suse Linux 11 Enterprise server 64bit

CentOs 5.5 64bit

Redflag 3.0 sp3 64bit

Vmware ESX Server 4.1/ ESXi Server 4.1

Operating temperature


AC input


System dimension

442mm(W)     832mm(D)    264mm(H)

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