Inspur HPC TS10000

Brief Introduction

HPC for Science and engineering computing.

Inspur Tiansuo TS10000 is a high-end product of Inspur strategic project, following “flexible deployment” concept, using the MABS system architecture, bringing together the latest technology, integration of a decade understanding in high-performace computing users’ application and deeply accumulation of server industries, released TS10000 for large-scale, high-performance computing applications in high-performance science and engineering field.
TS10000 high-performance server is not only a solid but also ideal platform for scientific and engineering computing, research institutions, high-performance computing applications. Widely satisfied with the demands of structural analysis, crash simulation, numerical weather prediction, real-time simulation, reservoir simulation, seismic data processing, remote sensing processing, quantum chemical calculations, materials science calculations, finite element analysis, gene research, protein folding, signal processing, numerical wind tunnel simulation, chip design, molecular dynamics, nuclear safety analysis, thermal analysis, virtual earth sciences, scientific research environment generate system and other engineering computing system applications.

Functional Features

Advanced devices interconnection technology

Using the world’s leading interconnection technology—InfiniBand. InfiniBand is an industry standard high-speed interconnect technology, with ultra-high bandwidth of 40Gbps, 1-3?s ultra-low latency, combining with high-speed PCI-E bus of high-performance server node, make system data exchange smooth, thus to show the greatest potential of the processor.
Also, this system compatible traditional Gigabit Ethernet, provide more choices for users.

Flexible choice of nodes

Server nodes are configured in a flexible manner according to different application types. The choice of node processors could be highly cost-effective Intel Xeon or Intel Itanium2 characterized by high computational accuracy and computational capability. Helped by the powerful inter-connecting bandwidth and super low delay, the peak computational capability of the entire system and actual computational capability could be ranked among the top of rival products.
TS10000 can provide perfect active storage solution to users; multiple choices, such as NAS, Luster and Inspur mass storage system, are available according to the characteristics of user applications, meeting user’s requirement of high-performance, high-reliability and large-capacity data storage in a convenient and flexible manner.

Expandability to suit future needs

Inspur TS10000 has taken the needs of user applications for expansion into full account. Expansion of data processing resources within nodes, expansion of network of data sharing and transmission between nodes, expansion of performance and capacity of data storage system and the overall system architecture and power supply are subjected to design and plan so that the expansion of performance and scale can coordinate with each other and the earlier investment and subsequent expansion can be balanced. Inspur will draw on the project experience accumulated over the years to provide expert services and professional advice to every single user so that they could save money on expansion.

Easy management and widespread applications

TSMM, the Inspur Tiansuo monitoring system, accomplishes remote monitoring and management of the entire system hardware and software resources, user groups and application processes via single Web interface and provides multiple means of pre-alarm that serves to report on system failure in a timely manner. Tiansuo monitoring system supports cross-platform monitoring and management of nodes and is characterized by multiple forms of displaying information such as reports and graphs. These characteristics dramatically enhance the manageability of system and considerably reduce the complexity of management of system administrator.

Open up common computational platform

The software, hardware and architecture of TS10000 high-performance server is required to be standard, open and generally applicable so as to facilitate user utilization and developing their own applications on the platform. Hence, this platform integrates outstanding developing and testing environment to maximally increase the efficiency and portability of applications. It is widely applicable to fluid dynamics, CAE simulation, finite-element analysis and other scientific engineering computational applications.
The hardware and software components adopted by TS10000 are subjected to rigid performance, stability and compatibility test to ensure while sticking to industrial standard and requirement of openness; it can provide a high-performance and high-reliability computational platform to users.

Technical Specifications

Functional modules

Management node: user log-in/management cluster utilization.
Storage node: cluster data storage center.

Computational module

Computational node: undertake tasks of computation and it is the computational center of clusters.

High-speed inter-network

Adopt InfiniBand high-speed network or gigabit Ethernet to undertake communication between nodes.

Management network

Gigabit switch network is used to undertake the task of managing and monitoring cluster system.

Basic architecture

Include cabinet, independent power supply module, heat dissipation system, video control switch system, input and output devices.

Software system

Operating system, parallel coding environment, professional database of mathematical functions, task scheduler and monitoring software.




Intel Xeon or Intel Itanium 2 series

OS supported

Redhat Linux AS5.0 / WCCS2003


NFS or Luster or Inspur mass storage system

Switch unit

InfiniBand/Gigabit Ethernet high-speed switch device

Network performance

InfiniBand bandwidth 40Gbps, delay 1-3μs

Network type

High-speed computing network and management network

Control panel

KVM switch, keyboard, mouse and monitor

System management

TSMM: Inspur TS Monitor & Manager Software

Job management

TSJM: Inspur TS Job Management Software


Programming environment

MPI, PVM, OpenMP, C/C ++, Java, Fortran77, Fortran90/95, Perl, MKL, ATLAS, Goto-blas

Operation environment

5°C~35°C   Humidity 20%-80%

AC input


System dimension

Single-machine cabinet:

600mm(W)    1050mm(D)    2070mm(H)

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