Hardware Load Balancer

Brief Introduction

High-end load balancing creates RASEF cluster system.

Inspur Tiansuo load balancer is based on the concept of Inspur’s flexibility deployment for the highly scalable, highly available network service needs. It adopts a lot of mature technology, developed the third generation of hardware load balancing products. It has RASEF (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, Extensibility and Flexibility) product characteristics, to meet the needs of government, education, telecommunications, ISP, ICP, businesses and other users of the site, FTP, DNS, e-government, VOD, video surveillance, office automation applications, helping users build the latest generation of commercial cluster system. At the same time, it fully supports SaaS, and it will help you build a new generation of cloud services platform.

Functional Features

Single access point

Inspur Tiansuo load balancer is the only portal of system. Clients access the system via single IP address. From the perspective of clients, system built on Inspur Tiansuo load balancer is a single system image (SSI) based on IP address, or an independent mainframe system with a legitimate IP address.

High flexibility

With Inspur Tiansuo load balancer, users can easily build a flexible and highly usable server cluster. Its high expandability allows a number of or even hundreds of cluster system to be built.

High performance

Professional hardware load balance products surpass the last generation by over 100% in terms of overall performance. They provide 12 ports gigabytes full-thread-speed RJ45 interface; external switch is not needed for small and medium scale applications. By setting different balance algorithm, it is convenient to adjust the load proportion of processing module during applications, allowing processing modules with different processing performance to show their maximum performance so as to meet the complex application requirements of the system.


Inspur Tiansuo load balancer TS8650G3 will not be attacked by virus and can defend DOS attack. It can effectively protect the security of node machine inside the system. The three kinds of backstage redundancy technology can ensure high usability of services; two set of TS8650G3/TS8650G2A can be used to accomplish dual-machine hot-spare of schedulers to guarantee robustness of the system.

High flexibility

Support 2~7(TS8650G3) layers load balance technology and provide perfect solutions to meet users’ requirements.

Easy management

Inspur Tiansuo load balancer could accomplish real-time monitoring and management according to the running status of cluster nodes, providing a uniform, centralized, visual and cross-platform management environment for system administrators.

Technical Specifications





12 self-adaptation RJ45 interfaces of 10/100/1000M

Layer supported

2 - 4

2 - 7

OS supported

Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris and other mainstream operating systems

System management

The English interface of Web-based graphical management provides real-time performance detection, including data package input rate, data package output rate, CPS(connections per second)and real-time statistics to support user’s hierarchical management.

OLED-based LCD screen management and monitoring.

Performance and function

60000 HTTP connection requests,

73000 TCP connection requests every second;

Number of continuous parallel
sessions >= 2 million;

Rear panel bandwidth is 32Gbit/s,
accomplishing linear-speed
unblocked switch;

8 flexible load balancing algorithm.

The session persistence algorithm
based on source address realizes
the continuity of session.

Real-time fault monitoring, support
dual server redundancy,

Intelligent session recovery, providing 4 kinds of server monitoring and detecting technology: system detection, ports(TCP or UDP) detection, service detection and user-defined detection scrip.

Throughout:6Gbps,realize TCP Concurrent accelerate connections?=300000.

Handle 75000 HTTP connection requests,90000 TCP connection requests every second.

Number of continuous parallel sessions?=8 million.

Rear panel bandwidth is 32Gbit/s,accomplishing linear-speed unblocked switch IP router: no limit.

Number of Supported virtual server: no limit.

Support multiple TCP/UDP port binding forward.

Support kinds of healthy detection: Ping, connect, server monitor test, support user customized test script.

High available: support load balance dual machine high availability, avoid single machine fault.

Safety: avoid DOC attack, SYNC attack

Support/Protocol Type

All TCP/UDP-based application protocol

Power supply



430mm(W)    514mm(D)    4mm(H)

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