Inspur TianSuo TS850

Brief Introduction

this product is equipped with Intel E7-4800/E7-8800 processor and has excellent system reliability,

scalability and leadership in data safety, visual management and ease of use.

Functional Features

Outstanding performance and robust power

Inspur Tiansuo TS850 is equipped with Intel E7-4800/E7-8800 processors, has an L3 cache with a capacity of 30M and can support 80 physical processing cores and 160 threads at the maximum. Its robust CPU processing capacity and scalability to a memory capacity of 2TB make it an optimal hardware platform for database, anterior applications and high-performance computing. In the cloud computing platform and virtual environment, this product offers the best upward scalability and fully satisfies the growing business demands of the client in the future.

Safety, credibility and independent innovation

Inspur Tiansuo TS850 is a major breakthrough of a domestic enterprise in the independent design in many key fields like chip, part and BIOS and therefore has won the “China Innovative Design Red Star Awards”, the Oscar awards of industrial design. It is designed with a leading modular architecture and the extreme of scalability is achieved in the 6U space. Heat accumulation arising from part concentration is well avoided too so that the product can withstand an environmental temperature of 40℃ which is 5℃ above that of similar products.

Multilayered fault tolerance and reliable quality

Multiple fault tolerance is an outstanding feature of Inspur Tiansuo TS850. This product applies 20+ RAS high-availability technology on the chip, link, module, system and other levels. Chipset, storage and other chips are characterized by multilayered signal check and full-transmission link redundancy to ensure the stability and absence of error of bottom-layer signals. Its essential parts, including fan, power source and hard disk, are designed with redundancy and hot plug technology so that hardware faults can be isolated and continuous operation of the system is guaranteed. Other than conventional memory mirroring and hot standby, three additional unique memory technologies are also adopted, i.e. memory node mirroring, memory Rank hot standby and memory fault isolation, to ensure reliability of memory and memory board, reduce memory capacity loss and avoid system starting failure to the maximum extent. Smart monitoring and control regulation technology is adopted for the system fans. Any abnormal speed of the fan will be warned on a real-time basis and the processor frequency will be reduced automatically. System maintenance is guaranteed when two system fans are in trouble simultaneously at the maximum. Three PCI-E x16 devices allow hot plug and hot replacement of essential wearing parts, e.g. HBA card and network card, so that system downtime is reduced. Meanwhile, PCI-E equipment can be remotely turned off via the management interface to avoid information leakage and further guarantee data safety.

Smart management and easy maintenance

Inspur Tiansuo TS850 is embedded with 200 sensors to form a monitoring network which monitors the system operation on a real-time basis. The monitoring and management center collects and analyzes data on a real-time basis and automatically generates and processes commands. The system will reset automatically when any fatal fault occurs. There are three fault alarm modes. Smart power consumption management: via the “four-in-one" energy control system that comprises the monitoring unit, client, smart control unit and the system, Inspur Tiansuo TS850 can automatically and intelligently adjust the CPU main frequency, CPU power conversion module and fan speed according to the strategy from the client. This technology can reduce the server power consumption by 30% at the maximum.

Inspur Tiansuo TS850 has an HD smart management system for graphical management of the hardware. This screen has a user-friendly HMI with total-process Bootup indications. It is possible to check the processor temperature, hardware status, fan speed and case temperature and the user can also carry out system setup and asset management via this screen.

Innovative technology and static partitioning

Inspur Tiansuo TS850 inherits the partitioning technology of Inspur Tiansuo K1 system. Each single unit can be configured into two 4-way static partitions which can work as two independent 4-way servers in this mode. Each partition has an independent set of hardware resources and is completely isolated on the physical layer. Dual systems can be customized according to different operating needs to maximize the use of resources. Meanwhile, Inspur Tiansuo TS850 has sufficient longitudinal scalability and the maximum scalability is realized within the 6U space.

Technical Specifications


System parameters




Support 8 Intel®Xeon® E7-4800 v2/E7-8800 v2 Processors


18MB-30MB, variable with different models of processor

Bus speed

4.8GT/s-6.4GT/s, variable with different models of processor


Support 64 DIMM memory sticks and expansion to 2TB memory at the maximum

Hard disk controller

8 channel 512M high-performance SAS Raid card as the standard configuration optional backup battery


Support Raid 1/0/10/5/50/6/60

Quantity of harddisks

Support 18 2.5” hot-plug SAS/SATA/SSD harddisks

IO expansion slot

Three hot-plug PCI-E2.0 x16 slots; six PCI-E 2.0 x8 slots

Integrated IO port

Front installation: 2 USB interfaces

Rear installation: 1 PS/2 keyboard interface, 1 PS/2 mouse interface, 3 RJ45 network interfaces (including one only for administration), 4 USB interfaces, 1 standard VGA interface and 2 serial ports (1 inside and the other outside)

Network controller

Integrated with 2 high-performance 1GB network cards; support I/OAT2 advanced network acceleration; support VMDQ network virtualization technology; support network awakening, network redundancy, load balancing and other advanced features; integrated with 1 100MB management network interface

Power source

Optional single-module power 1200W or 1050W; realize 3+1 redundancy and 2+2 redundancy as per different configurations

Display controller

Motherboard integrated with a display controller

DVD drive

Standard 3.5”DVD drive

Floppy disk drive

Virtual floppy disk drive with an USB interface as a standard configuration

Management features

Support IPMI2.0 standard, integrated with KVM over IP and virtual media features;

Provide Ethernet management interface, use 2 network interface management servers simultaneously at the maximum

Support patented Inspur Ruijie management set

Optional LCD touch screen for management and monitoring;

Support SOL, remote serial port debugging is allowed via any network interface

Operating system supported

Windows Server 2012 64bit

Windows Server 2008 64bit

Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit

Redhat Enterprise Linux Server5 update5 64bit

Redhat Enterprise Linux Server6 update0123 64bit

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 64bit

CentOS 5.5 64bit

Vmware ESX Server 4.1

Vmware ESXi Server 4.1/5.0

Red Flag Asianux Server 3.0 sp3 64bit

Standard Software NK 5.4 64bit;

Solaris 11 64bit

Working environment temperature


Power input



832mm (L), 442mm (W), 264mm (H)

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