Inspur Yingxin NF8460M3

Brief Introduction

High and medium-end 4-way server with Intel® E7-4800 v2 processor technology.

Functional Features

  • Latest Intel ®Xeon® E7-4800 v2 or E7-8800 v2 processor series; a single unit has as many as 60 computing cores, 120 computing threads and 150MB cache to substantially improve application processing ability.
  • Support 32 Memory slots at the maximum; support DDR3 1066/1333/1600MHZ memory; Memory capacity can be expanded to 2TB at the maximum; support Memory cross access, mirroring, hot standby and other advanced RAS features.
  • Support 8-channel 12Gb SAS RAID controller; harddisk data bandwidth is improved by 100%.
  • The system provides 12 full-height PCI-E3.0 expansion slots (2 interior ones) to improve PCI-E data bandwidth by 100%; support two MIC or GPU processing cards at the maximum to satisfy enterprise-level application needs in the future.
  • Integrated with four high-performance 1G network interfaces to reduce the user’s network expansion costs upon deployment of virtual applications.
  • Essential system parts, e.g. power supply, system fan and harddisk, support hot-plug technology so that the client can engage in online maintenance upon single-point failure of these systems and hence continuation of the client’s operational system is guaranteed.
  • Inspur server advanced administration module is provided as a standard configuration; Inspur’s Ruijie server administration set is also provided to enable all-around remote system monitoring, maintenance, administration and control and ensure the client’s easy management of the syste and reduce high costs of IT architecture maintenance.

Technical Specifications




Support 4 Intel ®Xeon® processor E7-4800 v2 and E7-8800 v2 processor

Number of cores

6CE7-4809 v2E7-8893 v2

8CE7-4820 v2

10CE7-4830 v2E7-8891 v2

12CE7-4850 v2E7-4860 v2E7-8850 v2

15CE7-4870 v2E7-4880 v2E7-4890 v2E7-8870 v2E7-8880 v2E7-8890 v2


12MBE7-4809 v2

16MBE7-4820 v2

20MBE7-4830 v2

24MBE7-4850 v2E7-8850 v2

30MBE7-8857 v2E7-8870 v2E7-4860 v2E7-4870 v2

37.5MBE7-4880 v2E7-4890 v2E7-8880 v2E7-8880L v2E7-8890 v2E7-8891 v2E7-8893 v2

QPI bus speed

6.4GT/sE7-4809 v2

7.2GT/sE7-4820 v2E7-4830 v2E7-4850 v2E7-8850 v2

8.0GT/sE7-4860 v2E7-4870 v2E7-4880 v2E7-4890 v2E7-8870 v2E7-8880 v2E7-8890 v2E7-8891 v2E7-8893 v2


Intel ®C602 chipset


32 memory slots; memory can be expanded to 2TB at the maximum

Disk controller

High-performance external SAS or SAS Raid card; support SAS 12G


Support 1/0/10/5/50/6/60 level; support 1GB/2GB/4GB cache


Support 16 2.5” hot-plug SAS/SATA/SSD disks at the maximum

I/O expansion slot

Motherboard provided with eight PCI-E 3.0 slots (two interior full-height full-length x8 PCI-E, two full-height and full-length x16 PCI-E and four full-height and full-length x16 PCI-E; all are full-bandwidth slots)

Via PCIE expansion cards, it can be expanded to the following at the maximum in the chassis:

10 PCI-E 3.0 slots

2 full-height half-length x4 PCI-E, 3 full-height half-length x8 PCI-E (two interior), 2 full-height half-length x16 PCI-E and 3 full-height full-length x16 PCI-E

12 PCI-E 3.0 slots

4 full-height half-length x4 PCI-E, 4 full-height half-length x8 PCI-E (two interior), 1 full-height half-length x16 PCI-E and 3 full-height full-length x16 PCI-E

Integrated I/O port

Front installation: 2 USB ports and 1 VGA interface

Rear installation: 4 RJ45 interfaces; 1 RJ45 1Gb management network interface; 1 VGA interface; 4 USB 2.0 ports and 1 serial port

Network controller

Integrated with 4 high-performance 1Gb network interface (2 Intel I350 network chips)

Support network awakening, network redundancy, load balancing and other advanced network features

Power supply

Support four 700W platinum-level high-efficiency hot-plug power module at the maximum; optional 2+1, 2+2 or 3+1 redundancy mode

Graphical card

Integrated with a display controler with a 16MB graphical memory (AST2300)

DVD drive

Optional standard DVD drive

Floppy disk drive

Virtual floppy disk drive with USB interface as the standard configuration

Management features

Support Inspur Ruijie management set; adopt Inspur advanced server management module; promote remote management and diagnosis features; support IPMI1.5, IPMI2.0, WfM2.0, EMP and KVM over IP

Supported operating systems

Microsoft Windows 2012 Enterprise 64bit

Redhat Linux Enterprise server 6.4 64bit

Suse Linux 11 Enterprise server SP3 32bit/64bit

VMware ESXi 5.1

Different operating systems are supported in different configurations. Consult with Inspur for details.

Working environmental temperature


Mains voltage


International certification

ISO9000 International Quality Management System

ISO14001 International Environment Management System


174.8mm (H), 447.6mm (W) and 749mm (D)

Reference weight


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