Inspur Yingxin NF5280M4

Brief Introduction

high-end 2U 2-way rack server with brand-new data center and application optimization.

Functional Features

Efficient, smart and flexibly scalable with brand-new application optimization

  • Brand-new smart computation acceleration technology with smart adjustment and optimization according to application needs.
  • Latest Memory technology, higher density, higher capacity and better performances for virtualization and business handling of an enterprise.
  • Latest harddisk interface technology to eliminate storage bottleneck and substantially elevate storage performances.
  • Provide flexible I/O features; support Inspur FLOM technology; realize extreme-speed network I/O; the user can expand freely according to network bandwidth requirements of the application so as to significantly improve network performances.
  • Provide six standard high-speed PCI-E 3.0 expansion slots and one special PCI-E expansion slots within the narrow space of 2U chassis; support as many as four full-length and full-height cards to satisfy high-end clients’ requirements on system functionality and performance.

Green, energy-efficient, safe and reliable with brand-new data center optimization

  • Inspur’s last-optimized system environment dynamic sensing and regulating technology can transmit the interior temperature data in the server on a real-time basis through a plurality of temperature sensors installed in the system; it can also dynamically adjust the hot-plug redundant fan in the device and work with the advanced air-cooling system to realize the optimal working environment and guarantee stable system operation.
  • The best elements in the industry are adopted which, coupled with the highly efficient power supply design, can save energies by as much as 20%. Inspur supply management technology can help the user to monitor and control the system power consumption on an accurate and real-time basis and hence further increases the efficacy of the whole IT architecture.
  • It also supports the latest creditable encryption technology and protects the client’s data safety.

Easy maintenance, easy administration and higher work efficiency

  • Embedded smart administration chip of the server to realize complete IPMI 2.0 remote system monitoring, remote KVM, virtual media and various administration features.
  • Support embedded high-capacity flash memory; loaded with Inspur Ruijie server administration set v5.2 which can substantially simplify the user’s equipment deployment, administration and maintenance.
  • To simplify equipment administration in the data center environment, Inspur external visual administration module will be launched which, coupled with Inspur optical route diagnostic feature, enables the administrator to rapidly determine the equipment to be maintained. The work pressure on the administrator can be substantially reduced and work efficiency can be improved.


  • Database and core service software of large-size governments and enterprises that have to satisfy very high performance requirements.
  • Various types of network servers that have very high requirements on Memory and disk scalability and network I/O ability.
  • High-performance clusters with ultrahigh performances, e.g. rendering operations, CAD and CAE of the manufacturing sector.

Technical Specifications




Support 2 Intel®Xeon®E5-2600v3 Processors


24 memory slots; support DDR4-2133 memory at the maximum; expand to 1536GB memory at the maximum (when a single memory stick capacity of 64GB is adopted)

Support advanced memory error correction, mirroring, hot standby and other advanced features

Harddisk controller

Optional 8-channel SAS 6Gb and 12Gb magnetic disk controller


SAS disk controller as standard configuration to support RAID 0/1/10; optional components can be used to support RADI 5, 50

Optional expansions to support RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60; have cache-containing high-performance SAS RAID controller and cache protection battery can be expanded.


Front installation:

Support 25 front-loaded 2.5” hot-plug SATA/SAS interface harddisk or solid-state disk at the maximum

Support 2.5”*8/2.5”*16/2.5”*24 as standard configuration

Support 12 front-loaded 3.5” hot-plug SATA/SAS interface harddisk or solid-state disk at the maximum

Support 3.5”*4/3.5”*8/3.5” *12 as standard configuration

Rear installation:

Support 4 back-loaded 2.5” hot-plug SATA/SAS interface harddisk or solid-state disk at the maximum

I/O expansion slot

Support six PCI-E3.0 slots at the maximum and support 4 full-length and full-height

Integrated I/O port

Rear installation: 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 VGA interface

Front installation: 1 USB 3.0 ports and 1 VGA interface

Interior installation: 2 USB 3.0 ports and 1 interior serial port

Network controller

Integrated with 2 high-performance 1Gb Ethernet controllers; support virtual acceleration, network acceleration, load balancing, redundancy and other advanced features; can further support Inspur FLOM technology; optionally integrated with dual 1Gb, dual 10Gb or other configurations

Power supply

Highly efficient redundant hot-plug power supply; platinum-level power supply as standard configuration and titanium-level power supply as an option; support PMbus features and realize Node Manager 3.0 feature; optional hot-plug single power supply

Graphical card

Integrated with a display controler with a 16MB graphical memory

DVD drive

External DVD-RW drive with optional USB interface


High-capacity flash memory can be installed inside

Management features

Integrated system management chip; support IPMI2.0, KVM over IP, virtual media and other management features

Support latest Ruijie server management set of Inspur

Support external visual management module; provide a local visual system for monitoring and trouble diagnosis

Supported operating systems

Windows 2012R2Windows 2012Windows 2008R264BitVMware5.5Citrix 6.264BitSoloris11SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP264Bit, etc

Different operating systems are supported in different configurations. Consult with Inspur for details.

OS official certification

Windows 2012R2&2012

Windows 2008R2




Working environmental temperature


Mains voltage


International certification



W (width) 447mm; H (height) 87mm; D (depth) 720mm

Reference weight


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