Inspur Yingxin NP3020M3

Brief Introduction

1-way entry-level server product customized for small and medium-scale applications.

Functional Features

Product features

Support Intel’s latest processor

Support Intel’s latest Xeon E3-1200 v3 processor series; furnished with Haswell micro-architecture with fewer delays and better computing performances.

Sever-level data protection

Memory that supports error correction code (ECC) is adopted; provide higher-level data integrity and reliability and longer proper operation period compared with a desktop; efficiently enable data error tolerance, reduce system downtime probability and easily address continuously growing businesses

Ultralow noise design

Excellent heat radiation design to better guarantee the smooth internal air circulation in the case and proper operation of essential parts and avoid hazard of system downtime due to improper local heat radiation. 360° mute design; reduce sources of noises through optimized design of fans and case; smart regulation of heat radiation to substantially reduce system noises; user friendly design reflects the emphasis on human health.

Rich I/O expansion

As many as five PCI expansion slots; support conventional PCI and high-speed PCI-EX16; protect user’s IT equipment investments so that the user can acquire long-term returns for their short-term investments.

Robust storage space

It has an expansion space of eight harddisks; optional SATA and SAS storage configuration; provide more robust data storage options for the client and sufficient room for future expansion.

Technical Specifications




Intel ® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v3 series; Intel ®Pentium®processor G3220G3420; Intel ®Core®processor I3 series


3M/8M, different for different processor models


Intel ® C222 chipset


4 memory slots; support DDR3 ECC unbuffered 1333/1600MHz; support dual-channel reading

Disk controller

Integrated 6 port SATA controller


Support Intel hostraid 0,1,10,5

Number of harddisks

Support 2 SATA harddisks as standard configuration; can support 8 SATA harddisks at the maximum through component expansion

I/O expansion slot

3 PCI 32bit/33 MHz; one PCI-E x4; one PCI-E x16

Integrated I/O port

Front installation: 2 USB ports

Rear installation: one standard VGA interface, one PS/2 interface, one serial port and two RJ45 network interfaces

Interior installation: 1 serial port and 1 USB port

Network controller

Support high-performance dual-1Gb network card; support network awakening, network redundancy, load balancing and other advanced network features

Power supply

300W single power supply

Graphical card

Motherboard integrated with display controller

DVD drive

Standard DVD drive

Floppy disk drive

Virtual floppy disk drive with USB interface as the standard configuration

Management features

Support Inspur Ruijie V5.0 server management and deployment suite;

Supported operating systems

Microsoft Server 2008 R2

Windows  8 ultimate 64Bit

Windows  7 ultimate sp1 64Bit

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 U3 64Bit

Different operating systems are supported in different configurations. Consult with Inspur for details.

Working environmental temperature


Mains voltage

180V~264V (single power supply) 50HZ90V~264V (dual power supply) 50HZ

International certification

ISO9000 International Quality Management System

ISO14001 International Environment Management System


200mm(W) x 435mm(H) x 510mm(D)

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