Inspur Cabinet NR4290

Brief Introduction

reasonable and optimized design; outstanding equipment compatibility, scalability and generality; and offer appropriate environment

and safety protection for the proper operation of network equipment.

 Functional Features

Advanced heat management technology

Fully-ventilated front and rear doors are designed with “super mesh holes” to maximize air flows of radiation.

The cabinet top cover has a structure of ventilation holes and a wiring structure.

Well-established wire and cable management

Cable toughs are fully separated from the equipment installing space so that the cables are not affected by installation and reinstallation of equipment.

Wire and cable fixtures are provided as standard configuration so that air flows of radiation are not affected even in the presence of many wires.

Multiple PDUs can be installed simultaneously for the convenience of fixation in the cable toughs to guarantee separate arrangement of data wires and power cables and avoid interference thereof.

Simple and ease-of-use design

Wooden dual-tray packing is adopted for the convenience of handling and transport.

Easier and simpler installation and uninstallation of cabinets.

Front and rear doors have sufficient strength to avoid warping and deformation.

Technical Specifications

Cabinet dimensions

600mm (W) x1050mm (D) x1977mm (H)

Front and rear cabinet doors

Front and rear doors have a “super mesh hole” structure and a safety lock

Cabinet side doors

Side door has a sliding self-lock structure and can be easily installed and dismantled.

Pulley and leg

Pulley and anti-slanting leg

Heavy-duty loading rollers

4 rollers in a set; the front rollers can rotate at 360 degrees and pre-installed in the cabinet. Each roller has a loading capacity of 250kg.

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