Inspur In-Cloud Smartcloud container data center

Brief Introduction

Inspur In-Cloud container data center is designed according to the concept of flexible mobility, fast deployment and modularity.


Functional Features

Flexible mobility

Rely on mature experiences of the logistics industry; have container as the carrier of the data center and utilize mature seaway, airway and railway transportation vehicles for fast movement and deployment of the data center anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is applicable for an extensive array of applications that have strict requirements on timeliness and mobility, including earthquake rescue, field battle, petroleum exploration and scientific survey.

Fast deployment

Inspur In-Cloud data center has a container as the basic structure and functional unit and all assembly and commissioning work is completed in the workshop. After the device is delivered to the user site, it is only necessary to have the basic water, electricity and internet connections for the device to work and provide services. Compared with a conventional machine room whose land approval, machine room construction, equipment procurement, installation and deployment may take as long as two to three years, Inspur In-Cloud container data center can substantially shorten the early-stage construction time and cost and realize fast deployment and application in a real sense.

Modular design

Inspur In-Cloud container data center comprises two independent functional modules, i.e. IT equipment container and power supply refrigeration equipment container. IT equipment container is mainly used to accommodate the server and network switch and therefore is the service output unit. The power supply refrigeration container mainly accommodates UPS, battery pack, distribution cabinet, and water cooling unit and other power supply and refrigerating equipment and therefore is the power supply refrigerating unit that serves the IT equipment container. From the perspective of the terminal user, this modular design can provide flexible and scalable data center hardware according to different application modes and scales and it is more suitable for the cloud computing sector in the future. 

Technical Specifications

Functional unit

Capacity index

Index parameters

Computing  and storage unit

Computing capacity

Support 1,280 CUPs

7,680 computing cores

15,360 computingal threads

Storage capacity

Support 6PB massive storage

Power unit

Power capacity

Max. power 160KW

Min. power 50KW

External power supply 380V

Refrigeration unit

Refrigeration capacity

Max. refrigerating power 160KW

Radiating power of each rack 20KW

Water cooling 7 at the lowest

Management unit

Management capacity

In-Cloud OS V1.0

General functional parameters

Environmental requirements

Load-bearing capacity of ground: 20t

Humidity: 0-100%RH

Temperature: -40-60

Profile and specifications

Dimension: 6m*2.5m*2.5m

Max. weight: 20t; min. weight: 5t

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