Brief Introduction

Automatic Ratepaying Machine (ARM) is ATM and ratepaying robot for taxation, and replace repetitive manual operation.

ARM is a self-service device for taxpayers to deal with tax-related businesses and it is installed in places for tax services. The terminal not only has service functions required by the business, but only offers supplementary functions like tax bulletin, tax publicity and tax policies. The system should ensure continuous and smooth input and output, and the operation reliability and maturity of the device components. It should also ensure to meet the need of 7×24 hours’ continuous and frequent operation by taxpayers and reduce operation faults of devices. The business data should be input into database precisely and completely. This terminal can provide services like tax declaration by transmission disc, tax declaration by transmission disc, invoice authentication and tax-related queries for taxpayers.

Functional Features

The customs ARM can offer functions including customs declaration, printing of customs clearance sheets etc.

Technical Specifications


  • Touch screen:Through the touch screen, a taxpayer can select the menus, locate the input boxes, select the pull-down menu options, confirm or cancel, turn to the previous/next page, touch other function keys, etc.
  • Safe USB interface: Files can be downloaded to a U flash disk plugged in ARM.
  • Tax card reader: The reader shall identify the taxpayer information automatically when taxpayer put the tax service card in the identification induction zone to identify and authenticate identification of customers.
  • Fingerprint Recognizer:Input and recognition of fingerprint is supported. And a taxpayer's identity can be recognized through fingerprint scanning.
  • Customs clearance sheet print port: Receipt print port.
  • Trackball:With all functions of general mouse, it can move and locate mouse via rolling of trackball. Clicking can be carried out by pressing the left and right button in the front of trackball, just as clicking the left and right button of mouse.
  • Keypad:
    • Numeric keys (0-9): used to enter numerical information such as password, amount and assessment.
    • Decimal point: used to enter a decimal point.
    • OK: parallel to Enter key, used to confirm an entry and function.
    • CLEAR: used to delete the selection or delete one character after another.
    • CANCEL: used to cancel what you have entered.

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