Brief Introduction

BCM1511W is a self-help wall-mounted financial terminal that Inspur designs, develops and produces.

Inspur successfully launched the first self-service terminal in China in 1996. After ten-plus years of accumulation, we have independently designed, researched, developed and manufactured ten-plus products for different users and application environments, including lobby-type, through-wall and wall-mounted equipment. Our products can be deployed in bank outlets of various sizes, self-service banks, shops, communities, high-end office buildings and other venues to satisfy the diversified needs of customers. Compared with conventional service modes, self-service terminal equipment offers basic services to clients and has a human-machine interface to effective avoid customer complaints arising from poor service attitude and quality. As such, the bank can avoid the spatial and temporal restrictions of services, save human costs, reduce operating costs, effectively reduce counter pressures and enhance corporate images.

Functional Features

  • Good-looking and elegant; conform to ergonomic principles; simple and convenient operation; applicable for various types of users.
  • Stable performances; high-reliability host and high-end parts; support 7*24h operation.
  • Convenient operation; conform to ergonomic principles; operating indicator and electronic device; anti-peeping mirror design.
  • Rich functions can be integrated with all non-cash financial services and VAT services.
  • High safety, fully-reinforced steel structure; explosion proof touch screen, protection against peeping and EPP hardware encryption technology.
  • Easy maintenance; posterior equipment maintenance; push and pull design; dust prevention; paper alarm.
  • Environment adaptability; heating module can be added to support outdoor low-temperature launching.

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