Self-service Card Sender BCM1511TN—Inspur

Brief Introduction

Inspur Hospital Self-help Service System (i-HSS) is one of the approaches to address the problem of “difficulty in seeing a doctor”.

Inspur has independently developed the bank-hospital self-service system i-HSS for the bank-enterprise partnership program oriented to hospitals or clinics. With this system, bank financial applications are connected to the hospitals' HIS system to solve the problems facing hospitals, hence diversifying bank service channels, optimizing diagnostic process flows and realizing win-win partnerships between bank and hospitals. As such, it is a domestically-leading platform and SOA-based bank-hospital self-service system.

Functional Features

Inspur Hospital Self-service System (i-HSS) is one of the approaches to address the problem of “difficulty in seeing a doctor”. It is connected to the HIS, LIS and other systems of the hospital to realize the self-service HIS services; it is connected to the core business system of the bank to realize the self-service special account deposit, transfer and payment of the medical card; the management platform of the system is used for account checking, statement management and other features of the bank-hospital system.

The self-service medical terminals of Inspur i-HSS system mainly comprise of three types of equipment, i.e. self-service card distribution device, self-service registration and payment device and self-service printing device which can accomplish different types of functions.

Self-service registration and payment device

Main features:

  • Beautiful profile, modular design and reasonable structure.
  • Fully support installation of a cash module, barcode scanning module and magnetic card, IC card and RF card reading/writing module.
  • Support printing of vouchers and invoices; laser printing.
  • Support many types of hardware encryption methods.
  • Wall-mounted, hall-mounted and through-wall installation; applicable for various types of hospital installation environment.


  • Capture and self-service input of basic patient data.
  • Medical card distribution, cash and bank card charging.
  • Self-service registration, self-service payment and medical card balance check.
  • Self-service registration/ticketing.
  • Self-service department search, queuing and waiting condition inquiry.
  • Hospital information inquiry.
  • Medical card and bank card bundling and de-bundling.
  • Self-service invoice and laboratory sheet printing.
  • Self-service device clearing management.
  • Self-service equipment background monitoring

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