Inspur AS500H storage system

Brief Introduction

is a unified storage platform that supports 8Gb FC, 6Gb SAS and 1G.

Functional Features

Product advantages:

1. Based on the advanced 8Gb framework, providing excellent performance, satisfying high-end applications’ strict requirement for storage system.

2. Independent cache control and data-caching design to fully unleash its performance.

3. The design of highly modular redundant systematic framework to ensure it is reliable, ease to use and maintain. It reliability can reach 99.999%.

4. The design of redundant I/O channel and automated failover function ensure the consistency of data access.

5. Strong storage extension capacity, which can support more than 192 drivers.

6. Strong connecting extension capacity, which can support as many as 512 host computers.

7. Compatible to IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows, Linux and other host platforms, adaptive to complex application environment and strongly supportive to software and hardware.

8. The DDP technology increases the utilizing efficiency of storage resources, accelerating disk failure rebuilding.

9. Automated streamlining technology reduces investment cost (4-8X), storage management operating cost and increases storage utilization.

10. SSD cache accelerating technology, simplifying storage and data management, increasing the cost efficiency of storage system through SSD.

11. The data application function based on storage system can fully realize the value of information:

a. The function of data snapshot can achieve data multiplexing and accelerate data backup and recovery.

b. The function of data replication can realize data distribution and migration, fully realize the value of information.

c. The function of data synchronization can support both synchronous and asynchronous methods to ensure the data access consistency to the greatest extent.

12. The graphical management tools can realize powerful management functions.

Relevant software and its functions:

The Inspur AS500H storage system management program AS SAN Manger provides direct graphic UI. Its powerful function can realize efficient storage system management and support various data application functions.


1. The direct graphical managing windows of AS SAN Manger can realize comprehensive and flexible configuration and management of disk storage system.

2. Support many high-level management functions, including

a. Online storage extension function enables the quantity and capacity extension for drivers and logical volumes, etc. through various methods.

b. The online dynamic RAID level migration function can change the RAID level of volume group safely.

c. Volume sectional dynamic adjustment can change the size of volume sections according to application requirement.

d. The dynamic defragmentation function can efficiently manage the volume storage, integrate the idle capacity in the volumes, so as to optimize the utilizing and storage efficiency.

e. Non-interruptible controller firmware updating

3. The direct diagnosis and recovering program provide important fault diagnosis assistance, which provides diagnosis and recovering procedures for faults in storage system.

High-level data application function

Ⅰ.Isolated mapping of data volumes

The isolated mapping function for data volumes can create as many as 512 volumes (LUN) for Inspur AS500H storage system. It can support different host computers, which enables the unity of storage in multi-platform environment. Its flexibility enables a series of host computers with different capacity, performance and data protecting requirement to share the single storage system efficiently. The isolating function of data volumes based on the storage system can only access data in the controller, which ensure the independence, consistency and integrity of data storage.

Ⅱ.Data snapshot

The data snapshot function based on storage system can carry out timely logical copy of the volumes in the system, realize data multiplexing for backup, application testing, developing, information analysis or data mining. It enables the assisting server to access the snapshot of generated data.

As a complete copy, this high capacity and efficiency snapshot volume can save the disk space efficiently.

This function is also an optimal plan for online data backup and recovery, which enables fast data recovery.

Ⅲ.Data replication function

This function can create a cloned volume (complete physical copy) of the existing data volume within the storage system. This cloned volume can be allocated to any host computer as the data copy of the original volume. The read-write operating of the cloned volume will exert no influence on the performance and data security of the original volume, which is the best resolution for data multiplexing and migration.

In the process of creating cloned volume through data replication, all the parameters can be adjusted to ensure the full access of the original volume.


IV. Data remote synchronization function

The data remote synchronization protect the date by forming copies through constantly copying or mirroring local data into remote storage system. It is also the optimal solution to build remote backup and disaster recovery.

The data remote synchronization supports various sync options, which is very flexible, allowing the administrator to optimize the data synchronization.

The data remote synchronization supports synch, async and other synchronization modes, which enables dynamic mode switch. Data synchronization can be combined with data snapshot, so as to extend information multiplexing and value.

The advanced data application functions provided by AS500H storage system can maximize its value for users on AS500H’s high-performance hardware platform.

Technical Specifications




Double controller

Host Computer

2U12 disk /2U24 disk

High-speed cache

2GB cache for each controller, which can be upgraded to 4GB

Hard disk


Hard disk No.

Support as many as 192 disks

Host interface

Standard configuration of 4*6Gb SAS + 8*8Gb FC host interfaces

Optional 4*6Gb SAS host interfaces

Optional 8*8Gb host interfaces

Optional 4*6Gb SAS + 8*1Gb host interfaces

Optional 4*6Gb SAS + 4*10Gb RJ45 host interfaces

Extension interface

2 SAS2.0 wide port

Extension cabinet


RAID level


Advanced functions

Dynamic disk pool technology

Automated streamline configuration

SSD cache accelerating

Remote volume mirror image

Volume copy


Power failure protection

BBU+Flash cache data power failure protection


552.5mmx482.6mmx86.4mm (length/width/height)

Working temperature


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