Jingang reinforced handheld computer [Jingang HD3211]

Brief Introduction

Inspur Jingang HD3211 is a 3.5” reinforced handheld computer configured with energy-efficient RISC processor; it can be extensively applied in individ...

Jingang product series comprise computer, server, embedded terminal and storage equipment. The ruggedness levels include initial rugged, rugged and fully rugged levels; the product forms include portable, rack, carry-on, handheld and tablet; the product has a special structure with resistance to vibration and impacts and also electromagnetic compatibility. It is also flexibly scalable and conveniently maintainable, adapts to various rough and vile environments and conforms to national military standards. It can be extensively applied in the fixed and mobile computation platform of the military, armed police and public security sectors as well as field operating environment.

Functional Features

  • Running on Windows CE 5.0.
  • GPS antenna can be installed for satellite positioning.
  • Number keys, function keys and touch screen can be used together.
  • Have serial, U and aerial plug interfaces; fast and reliable.

Technical Specifications

  • Intel Xscale PXA270main frequency 520MHz.
  • 128MB internal memory64M Nor Flash 2G NAND Flash.
  • 3.5” touch screen, with a resolution of 240×320.
  • 23 function keys, including all number keys and direction keys.
  • Weight <=550g.
  • Size: 163mm×80mm×32mm (W×D×H) (excluding aerial plug and foot pad).
  • Support Windows CE 5.0 operating system.
  • Working temperature: 25+55℃.

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