Tower server NP5540

Brief Introduction

New E5 platform dual-way tower server (capable of transforming to 5U rack type) department-oriented server product with an excellent performance and high reliability.

It has a high expandability, availability and price performance. The flexible configuration as per the actual demand meets the developing business applications, and reduces the deployment TCO of enterprises as well.

Functional Features

Target user: E-government, OA, SME server, file, network management server, the application server of the campus network, low-end video surveillance servers, low-end workstations.
Product advantages:

  • Powerful: Based QPI architecture Dual-way Intel ® Xeon ® E5-2400 series processors, bus data transfer rate up to 8.0GT / S, 20MB cache, support Intel Turbo technology, Hyper-Threading technology.
    Use the latest Intel C600 server chipset, innovative board VR circuit design, and more energy-efficient 2.5-inch hard disk.
    Support dynamic power management technology, the user can flexibly depending on the application needs to control performance and power performance, more energy saving and environmental protection.
    12 memory slots, supports up to DDR3-1600 memory, maximum support 384G. Maximum support four 3.5-inch SATA or sixteen 2.5-inch SAS / SATA hard drive to meet the data storage needs of different applications, and also provides a powerful data storage space for the future expansion of the business.
  • System Reliability: Key components, hard disk and power supply, support hot-swappable redundant technology, parts replacement and maintenance can be carried out without power off, improve the usability of the system;
    Integrated SATA RAID 0, 1,10,5, optional upgrades to support SAS RAID5, to provide users with a variety of data protection program.
  • Intelligent: Support monitoring of CPU temperature, system voltage and fan speed; Support AC power failure recovery, and Inspur Ruijie V5.0 Management Suite that with independent intellectual property, includes server management software, system intelligent installation software, system backup and recovery software, simplify server maintenance and management work, realize automatically OS installation , remote data backup, management and other functions.

Technical Specifications




Support 2 Intel Xeon E5-2400 processors


10MB (E5-2403, E5-2407)

15MB (E5-2420, E5-2430, E5-2440)

20MB (E5-2450, E5-2470)


6.4GT/s( E5-2403, E5-2407)

7.2GT/s( E5-2420, E5-2430, E5-2440)

8.0GT/s( E5-2450, E5-2470)




12 DIMMs, support DDR3-1600 Memory,

Single Processor most support 6 DIMMs, dual processor most support 12DIMMs, up to 384GB memory( when use 32GB memory)

Support ECC, memory image and sparing and more advanced functions.

HD controller

Integrate SATA disk controller, 4 SATA II , 2 SATA III 


Integrated SATA disk controller support RAID 0/1/10/5

SAS disk controller support RAID 0/1/10, with optional components to up support RAID5

Optional high performance SAS RAID controller with cache to support RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60, also with optional cache protection battery.


Support up to 4 pieces of 3.5 inch SATA or 16 pieces of 2.5 inch SAS/SATA HD

PCI slot

2 PCI-E 3.0 x16, 3 PCI-E 3.0 x8, 1 PCI


Front: 2 USB

Rear: 4 USB, 1 VGA, 1 Serial port, 2 RJ45 network port

Built-in: 1 serial port, 1 USB

Network Controller

High performance dual gigabit network card, support Wake on LAN, network redundancy and load balance


500W single power , optional 500W dual power, 800W single power

Video Card

Onboard 16M cache Video Card


Standard DVD

Floppy drive

Optional virtual floppy drive of USB interface


Onboard system management chipset, Support IPMI2.0, KVM over IP, virtual media and other management function; support Inspur Ruijie V5.0 server management and deployment software.


Windows 2003 Enterprise with SP2 32/64bit

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP1 32/64bit

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 32/64bit

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 32/64bit

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 32/64bit

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 32/64bit

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.2 32/64bit


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