Rack server NF8520

Brief Introduction

Advanced 4-way server for virtualization.

Inspur Yingxin NF8520 is new 4-way server adopting the brand new QPI architecture high-speed interconnect technology. Support the latest Intel® Xeon processor 7500/E7-4800 series and its online system processing performance has increased 2.5 times than the previous generation, and its high-performance floating-point computing ability has increased 3.8 times than the previous generation. With the large memory capacity, high speed of data communication and scalability, emphasizing the "IFA-Intelligent Flexible Architecture" in the computing, storage, high-performance balanced communication, it creates a versatile high-performance, high reliability, high intelligence platform. It is the best choice for various types of general-purpose application and virtualization, cloud computing and so on forward-looking applications.

Functional Features

Higher computing performance

Adopt Nehalem micro-architecture processors based on the QPI high-speed Internet technology and support the latest Intel® Xeon processors 7500/E7-4800 series. It is up to 10 computing core, 20 threads and 30MB cache. Its online system processing performance has increased 2.5 times than the previous generation and its high-performance floating-point computing ability has increased 3.8 times than the previous generation.

Greater data band width

Nehalem-EX processor integrated memory controller, each CPU has up to 4 memory high-speed interconnection channels; adopts 8 hot-swap memory expansion boards design; supports up to 64 DIMMs; uses DDR3 1066/1333MHz memory, and its capacity is up to 2TB; supports 4 memory cross-access, hot-swap memory, memory mirroring and other high-class fault tolerance function. Its theoretical memory bandwidth increases 9 times than the previous generations.

Stronger data control

Support the new generation of SASII data access technology, optimized 8-channel RAID controller which supports SAS HDD, and the data communications speed is up to 6Gb. The system provides the prevailing 2.5 inch design, supports future application trends;

Higher system reliability

Each key component of the system, such as power supply, system cooling FANs, HDDs and so on supports hot-swap technology in order to make the maintenance easy for user and let the user carry out the system maintenance without powering off the machine when single hardware fails, hence the application system of the user can truly be non-stop.

Faster data communication

Standard configuration with integrated 4 high-performance Gigabit network controller adopting IOAT2/VT/VMDQ technology, while fully enhancing the network I/O ability, it also provides excellent support for virtualization application. It effectively reduces the use of valuable processing resources of system, brings the network transmission without any delay to the users. Optional support for KVM over IP function allows users to better work with Inspur Ruijie Management kit to execute remote management and maintenance. The system provides 11 PCI-E expansion slots to meet the different expanding needs.

Technical Specifications



Intel Xeon processors 7500/E7-4800 series

L3 Cache


QPI bus rate 4.8GT/s-6.4GT/s


Intel 7500 plus Intel ICH10R


8 groups of hot-swap memory expansion boards, support DDR3 1066/1333MHz memory, each group has 8 DIMMs, up to 2TB

HDD controller

Standard 8-channel SAS or SASII  controller; optional BBU


Support RAID1, 0, 10, 5, 50, 6, and 60


Up to 8 hot-swap 2.5″ SAS HDDs, support SSD

Expansion slots

5 PCI-E2.0 x8     5 PCI-E2.0 x4     1 PCI-E2.0 x16

I/O interfaces

1 front VGA interface; 3 front USB2.0 interfaces; 4 rear RJ45 network interfaces; 2 rear USB2.0 interfaces; 1 rear VGA interface; 1 RS-232 rear serial interface;  2 built-in USB2.0 interfaces; 2 RS-232 built-in serial interfaces

Network controller

Integrated 4 64bit Gigabit network interfaces; support Wake-on-LAN, network redundancy and load balance

Video card Integrated video card up to 16M

Power supply

850W power supply module; optional 2+1, 3+1 redundant power supply mode



Floppy drive

Standard virtual floppy of the USB interface

Management Features

Inspur Ruijie Management kit; Inspur Advance Server Management Module; provide remote supervisory and diagnosis functions; IPMI1.5 and IPMI2.0, WfM2.0, EMP, KVM over IP

OS Supported

Microsoft Windows 2003 SP2 32bit/64bit

Microsoft Windows 2008 32bit/64bit

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
RedHat Enterprise Linux 6
RedHat Linux Enterprise server 4
RedHat Linux Enterprise server 5 U4 32bit/64bit

Suse Linux 11 Enterprise server 32bit/64bit

Asian Linux server 3 SP2 32bit/64bit

Centos 5 update 4 32bit/64bit




AC input

100-240V 50/60Hz


174mm(H)     424mm(W)     704mm(D)

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