Inspur Yingxin NX8840

Brief Introduction

Intel @Xeon@E5-4600 processor and Inspur I8000 blade enclosure are adopted to offer a perfect and virtual solution to enterprise-level data center.

Functional Features

Super computational ability

The leading QPI architecture and Intel @Xeon@E5-4600 processor are adopted to ensure robust performances. It offers optimal performances to virtual and database applications with stringent requirements.

Industry-leading computational density

Inspur I8000 blade enclosure can support 10 full-height 4-way computational blades at the maximum, 320 computational cores at the maximum and 640 computational threads in the 8U enclosure and therefore has outstanding performance-price ratio and performance-consumption ratio.

Ultrahigh memory capacity

Inspur I8000 blade enclosure can support 5120GB memory at the maximum in 8U enclosure. It can provide more virtual machines and a bigger and faster database on each system so as to achieve the optimal utilization ratio for the server and reduce user costs.

Outstanding modular design realizes flexible deployment

Fully modular design, server node, 1GbE Ethernet, 10GbE Ethernet, Infiniband, standard PCIE expansion slots and multiple types of modules; flexible expansion if required for businesses.

Comprehensive advanced administration features

Professional administration chip and embedded with the administration software of various modules; provide Web-based administration views; the user have real-time monitoring of the system data; support KVM, Inspur Ruineng and fully-dynamic power supply and fan management technology

Technical Specifications




Support 4 Intel ® Xeon ® processor E5-4600; support 130W processor at the maximum



QPI bus speed



Intel ® C600 server chipset


32 memory slots; support DDR3-1600 internal memories at the maximum; memory can be expanded to 512GB at the maximum (when memory sticks each with a capacity of 16GB are adopted)

Support advanced memory error correction, mirroring, hot standby and other advanced features

Disk controller

Onboard disk controller


Support RAID 0/1


Support 2 hot-plug 2.5” SATA/SAS interface harddisk or SSD at the maximum

I/O expansion slot

1 Mezzanine sub-card slot (can support QDR, 10Gb network subcard)

Integrated I/O port

1 USB port at the front end

Network controller

Integrated with 2 dual-interface high-performance 1Gb Ethernet controller; support virtual acceleration, network acceleration, load balancing, redundancy and other advanced features

Graphical card

Motherboard integrated with a display controler with a 16MB graphical memory



1Gb switch module

Uplink 4*1Gb interfaces and 4*10Gb interfaces; support redundancy

10G through module

Support 2*10Gb through modules


10  PCI-e 3.0 x16 (x8 link)

IB switch module

Support 2 Infiniband switch modules, 1+1 redundancy

Management module

Support IPMI2.0-based advanced management features; support KVM over IP and storage redirection

Provide 1 standard VGA interface, 2 USB ports; provide to computation blades in a switching mode.

Provide 100 Mb RJ45 Ethernet interface for remote connection

Support redundancy when 2 management modules are configured.

Power supply

Support 4+4 hot-plug redudnant powers at the maximum; single module power 1350W (including radiating fan)

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