Blade server NX580

Brief Introduction

High efficiency, low consumption, high density Inspur Yingxin NX580 is a new generation high-performance blade server

designed with modular methodology. Equipped with Inspur new-generation enclosure I5000 and Intel® Xeon processors 5600 series, NX580 wins advantages of high performance, low power consumption and high price performance ratio. It provides perfect solution for enterprise data center. The 14 computing blades expandable within 7U space adequately meets the high-intensity deployment requirement of expansion. It has become the ideal choice among customers of Internet, governments, educational institutions, enterprises, net communications, and telecommunications.

Functional Features

Advanced high-performance and low-noise design

Use advanced QPI-architecture chipsets--Intel® Xeon processors 5600 series, the system performance improves greatly.

With 4 hot-swap 1620W redundant power supply (N+1 redundancy), the transformation efficiency of power supply is up to 93%, making it more efficient and energy-saving.

As a high-performance blade server, it is suitable for zero-noise applications and saves electricity expense.

Provide redundant 10abit data transportation module

Industry-leading calculated density

The 7U enclosure of Inspur I5000 supports 14 computing blades; the 42U cabinet supports 1008 processor cores at most; I5000 enclosure is compatible with the previous generation of blade servers, providing customers with operating environment capable of continuous expansion and protecting customers’ investment.

Competent modular design facilitates flexible deployment

By simply inserting new computing blades or functional module into the enclosure, customers may increase the system computing power or update the system with new functions. The flexible deployment enables IT facilities to develop steadily with the business growth.

Support 14 blades, each of which supports 3 pieces of 2.5” hot-swap SAS/SATA HDDs. Integrate RAID0 and 1; Provide users with extremely flexibility of storage choice. The latest SASII technology doubles the interface rate of HDDs up to 6 Gb/s.

Flexible and convenient connect mode

Provide flexible external data transportation mode and 10 Gbps Ethernet interface and exchange module, of which each exchange module provides three 10 Gbps uplink interfaces, easy to connect with external main switch.

Perfect advanced management features

By special-purpose management chips and management software packages embedded in each module, customers may conveniently perform remote supervisory for each functional module by means of web browser, and configure these modules.

The computing blades integrate special-purpose BMC management chipset (supporting IPMI 2.0). The blades are capable of monitoring hardware parameters and provide detailed monitoring data. Thus, the system maintenance time decreases.

The built-in management modules provide real-time monitoring for each functional items of the server. Together with professional management software packages, these modules perform remote management. Thus, the possibility of system shutdown decreases.

Higher reliability and availability

Common fundamental components (such as power supply) greatly reduce the repetition rate of system components; the number of inter-connecting cables decreases; large-scale system deployment is simplified and system failures caused by these components will be eliminated. This provides your IT facilities with a higher reliability.

Provide front-side KVM interfaces; humanized design embodies the care for Inspur customers.

Components (blades, cooling modules, and power supply) are all designed with redundancy and hot-swap techniques, and your key business will not be interrupted by single-point failure.

Technical Specifications

Enclosure model


Blade units

14 hot-swap blade units


Power light, error light

Ethernet switch module

Optional hot-swap Ethernet switch modules, up to 2

Module1: 10 external 1GbE/14 internal 1GbE full duplex interfaces

Module2: 3 external 10GbE + 2 external 1GbE/20 internal 1GbE full duplex interfaces

Management module

1 hot-swap management module; support IPMI2.0-based advanced management features; support KVM over IP and storage re-orientation; support 1 VGA and 2 USB interface expansion

Enclosure dimensions

12.1” (7U)(H)      18.5” (W)     29” (D)

Enclosure power

N+1 redundancy; 1620W power supply (radiation FAN included); efficiency of power transformation up to 93%



Blade Unit



Intel Xeon processors 5600 series


Intel  5500+ICH10R

QPI bus rate

Up to 6.4GT/s


12 DIMMs, DDR3 ECC Registered VLP, up to 96GB


3 hot-swap 2.5″ SATA/SAS HDDs

SAS controller

SASII controller


Integrated RAID controller; support raid0,1; optional RAID5

Network Controller

Integrated 2 Gigabit network interfaces; support the second generation IOAT advanced network acceleration function and VMDq virtualization acceleration function; support Wake-on-LAN, network redundancy and load balance

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