Lotus has been paying constant attention to the research and development of e-government for a long period of time.
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trying to bridge the "digital gap" and improve the teaching quality, offering efficient, flexible, and secure solutions to the educational informatization and modernization.
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Lotus is the only provider of the whole gamut of cloud computing solutions covering cloud infrastructure, tax cloud application system and tax cloud terminals.
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Lotus is the largest supplier for group management software and ERP in China.
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Lotus has engaged in hardware and software research and development related intelligent transportation and formed complete transportation cloud solutions.
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Medical Health

Committed to the construction of medical health informatization, Lotus is a main participator in the overall reform plan for medial informatization of the Ministry of Health Department.
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Smart City

Smart city is a new urban development mode which integrates the core city operating systems (i.e. human, business, transportation, communication, medical care, energy, etc.) together and operates in a smarter way.
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Lotus has become a famous financial self-service solution provider nationwide and one of the most comprehensive Smart Bank channel service solution providers, ranking No.1 in the smart service and product market.
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Home Cloud

The Lotus Home Cloud is a very clever product featuring a Gateway, Terminal and Applications for the home.
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About Lotus

Lotus Information Systems provides world-class turn-key system integration and IT services and solutions


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